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A Little Bit About Black Lizard Eco-Studio

The Black Lizard studio was created by Douglas White. As a multi percussionist and artist for more than 25 years, Douglas has played in quite a few studios in his lifetime. Having relocated to the Algarve, Douglas decided that this was the perfect location to build a unique studio that took advantage of the surrounding natural environment. Having jammed and played in a number of studios, Douglas was determined to construct a space that was different to the confined and constricted spaces that regular studios usually consisted of.

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Construction Of Our Eco-Studio

Our studio is the first eco-studio in the Algarve and is made entirely from 750 straw bales with a clay internal plaster and external lime render. The structure sits on a 59 ton natural stone foundation that is 50cm high. This foundation and the elevated roof ensure that fresh, clean air is always circulated throughout the studio.

The latest techniques, breathable materials and natural light all come together to create a unique and healthy soundproofed environment that is adaptable and totally versatile. The large windows, natural surroundings and expansive room are all designed to boost creativity and encourage collaboration. Furthermore, the breathable materials actually reduce the amount of CO2 in the air which of course, is excellent for your health and respiration.


  • Breathable Studio
  • Reduction of CO2 in the air
  • Natural lighting 

  •  Consistent, comfortable temperature 
  • Soundproofed
  • Fully equipped




Black Lizard Eco-Studio: A Studio with a Difference







The Surroundings

It is not just the construction of the building that sets our studio apart from the rest, but our amazing surroundings. Built in almost 100 square metres of space, there is abundant room for you to conduct classes, perform art and hold meetings. It is not just expansive. The many acres of private land are dotted with fig and pomegranate trees and flourishing greenery that will provide the perfect habitat, whether you want to relax, create or introspect.


The Location

Our studio is located in the scenic town of Laranjeiro. With a population of just 20,000, it is an idyllic place that has an abundance of lush greenery and is just ten minutes from the golden beaches that the Algarve is renowned for. Should you visit the coast you will be able to sample all of the amazing bars, restaurants and villas that Faro has to offer. Laranjeiro is very near to the town of Moncarapacho should you wish to explore the neighbouring areas, whilst Faro airport is just a twenty-minute car journey away.







We have car parking facilities and can provide lodging for up to 5 people. Should you have larger groups, there are a number of hotels and hostels that are very near, and we can point you in the right direction should you need some assistance.


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Our Philosophy

Douglas built the eco-studio in the Algarve not just for the beautiful weather but for the way of life. Laranjeiro offers a relaxed and hassle-free environment that is totally conducive to the creative space that we have at the Black Lizard studio. Our studio is designed for those who seek a relaxed existence who wish to muse, meditate and ruminate. Once you’ve sampled the slow way of life, you’ll soon be planning your next excursion to the Algarve.