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Eco Studio Space in Algarve and Portugal


Bands and Musicians  

As a professional musician of 20 years, Douglas knows exactly what makes a good studio for musicians and artists. So, the Black Lizard studio features plentiful space for all of your musicians and equipment. The roominess of the studio will allow you to jam freely and to create some amazing music.

The studio includes:

  •  A full back line with: amplifiers, guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion.
  •  A full 2000-watt PA system with monitors and fold back speakers.
  •  Digital music/media recording programs.
  •  Tuition for all instruments, vocals and music software.

If you have a specific question about the equipment we have in our studio, please get in touch.


Clean Air, Fantastic Scenery And Beautiful Weather 

- This Is Not Your Average Studio




Yoga Groups and Yoga Studios

Our studio and private land are ideal for yoga classes. More than 4 acres of private land ensure that you will have a comfortable, pleasant and quiet place where you will not be disturbed. The sparse population, lack of traffic noise and natural surroundings makes the Black Lizard studio an optimal place for all types of yoga. Should you wish to ditch the mat, you can practise your yoga outdoors amongst the orange trees and almond groves as the hot sun warms you from above. Inhaling fresh air will fill you with positive energy and you will get that in abundance whether you’re tree posing in our breathable studio or cobra posing, on the green grass outside.




Meditation Spaces

If you have ever mediated, you’ll know that nothing beats meditating with mother nature. Clean crisp air, pleasant winds and lots of shade all make meditation a breeze, and that is what we have in the 4 acres of private land that surround the Black Lizard studio. Laranjeiro is sparsely populated and you won’t be disturbed when you are taking some time out for contemplation.

Therapy Sessions

The thriving greenery of our eco-studio in Algarve is also ideal as a holistic therapy space. The quiet tranquility of the natural unblemished surroundings mean that the Black Lizard studio is also a suitable place if you need peace and quiet for observation and analysis.





Make It What You Want

Perhaps what you need is something a little more different. If you need a studio space, practice spot or something else entirely, if you require an environmentally friendly studio located amongst some beautiful scenery in close proximity to local amenities, then the Black Lizard studio will definitely fulfill all your needs.

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