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Our Eco-Studio in the Algarve

Black Lizard Studios is the Algarve’s first and only eco-studio. Made from totally natural and breathable materials, our environmentally friendly studio maximises natural sunlight and circulates fresh, crisp air. Whether you want to practise yoga, perform music or teach a class, Black Lizard Studio is an outstanding environment that will really clear your mind and get your creative juices flowing.

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A Unique Space with Endless Possibilities


What Is an Eco-Studio?

Studios can often be restrictive, cramped and dimly light places that do little to inspire.
So, we resolved to do something about this, by creating our own studio. In fact, we went one better, by creating an eco-studio. If you are wondering what separates the Black Lizard studio to a regular studio, the answer is in its construction. Sitting atop a natural stone foundation is the studio, which is made up entirely of straw bales and clay plaster.

The advantage of this is that the natural materials all contribute to a more productive and healthier environment. The open plan rooms, the reduced CO2 emissions and the 100 square metres of space all come together to create a beautiful, expansive and calming backdrop that will allow you to really make the most of your voyage to the Algarve.

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Eco Studio built from hay





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Our Eco-Studio Is Perfect For...



Eco Studio Space for bands and musicians

Bands and Artists 

Our studio is regularly used by bands and singers for practice, rehearsals and jam sessions. We have industry grade equipment and a powerful sound system that will allow you and your bandmates to create some truly memorable music. We can also provide all instruction and training should you need assistance in using any of the instruments, sound equipment or music software.



Eco Studio Space for yoga groups







Yoga Groups and Yoga Studios

The Black Lizard studio is also perfect for yoga retreats and is situated in 4 acres of private space. You’ll be amongst the citrus trees and almond groves in a tranquil environment that is perfect for the gentle art of yoga.



Eco Studio Space for meditation

Meditation Spaces

We created our eco-studio in the Algarve, partly because of the lifestyle here. The relaxed way of life and serene views all contribute to an environment that is superbly designed if you are looking for a place to reflect and contemplate.

Eco Studio Space for therapy sessions

Therapy Sessions

Whether you want to use the studio or conduct sessions in the warm and spacious private space, the Black Lizard studio is also the ideal space for life coaching, emotional counselling and therapy sessions.



Fully Equipped Eco-Studio 


 Eco Studio Space provides instruments


A full back line with: amplifiers, guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion. 

 Eco Studio Space with full PA

PA System

A full 2000-watt PA system with monitors and fold back speakers.




Range of professional digital music/media recording programs.



Tuition for all instruments, vocals
and music software.




Whatever You Want...

If you are simply looking for a calm, beautiful setting that is in close proximity to the beaches of the Algarve then our studio is right for you. Whatever you wish to do, if you are searching for a versatile, naturally-built workroom with ample outside space, then organise your trip today to the Black Lizard studio.

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Finding Our Eco-Studio

Just twenty minutes from Faro airport, the Black Lizard studio is within easy access to many attractions should you wish to explore the vicinity in your down time. Situated in the picturesque village of Laranjeiro, you’ll be just a stones throw away from the sandy beaches and the small mountains that the Algarve is famous for. We’re certain that when you visit our eco-studio in the Algarve, you won’t want to leave.

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